Children are more vulnerable in wave two, Harvard study finds – The New Indian Express

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KOCHI: Numerous restrictions have been imposed across the state to curb the spread of the coronavirus. However, one of the main concerns during its second wave is the increasing number of children affected by the virus. Health experts have urged parents to take care of their children as the chances of them being exposed to the virus are high and the second wave can have a dangerous impact on their health.

They also claim that children can become super-propagators and can transmit the disease to the elderly. The new variant of Covid appears to be deadly for children as young as eight months to 14 years old.
Last year, in October, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that Covid-19 is much less common in children than in adults. However, a recent report published by Harvard Health indicates that children can suffer from entirely different symptoms.

And they found that infected children had as much or even more coronavirus in their airways than adult patients. Reshmi Santhosh, a parent says, “My nine year old son recently recovered from Covid-19. He had a fever for two days and body aches. We have added more fruits to his diet and avoided fatty foods. We regularly consult the pediatrician. We continue to take more precautions even though it has been a week since he recovered.

Many other parents also say their children were asymptomatic. “My 13 year old daughter had a fever for only three days. However, since she is an athlete and exercises regularly, she has not had any other issues, ”said another parent.

“During the first wave, Covid-19 infections in children were very rare and were accompanied by mild symptoms. However, the numbers are much higher in the second wave. Children of all age groups, even under one year old, are infected, ”says Dr Siby Kurian Philip, consultant pediatrician at GG Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram.

Dr Siby says other complications such as rashes and headaches are currently being reported. Multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C), a rare disease with persistent fever accompanied by post-Covid complications, is highly reported in children. “Every day we welcome at least three children who suffer from post-Covid complications such as body pain and MIS-C. Recently, a case of severe multisystem inflammatory syndrome was reported in a 13-year-old adolescent who became extremely weak, ”added Dr Siby.

Health experts also say that mild symptoms in children should not be ignored, and parents should be careful in recognizing these problems. According to Dr Abraham K Paul, senior consultant pediatrician at Indira Gandhi Cooperative Hospital in Kochi, more post-Covid complications in children are being reported.
“For example, appendicitis which is very common in children can become more severe if the child has post-Covid syndrome.

Recently a child was diagnosed with severe appendicitis, which was quite rare. The child’s post-Covid complications were found to have worsened his condition. Dr Abraham adds that since complications after Covid in children are quite high, parents should not take their children outside and children over two years old should be required to wear masks and hygiene at all times.

Symptoms of MIS-C
Fever that can last more than four days
Prolonged body pain
Reddish chapped lips
Unusual irritability and drowsiness
Neck pain
Abdominal pain