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WASHINGTON: Derek Chow’s family never appeared in court in Minneapolis during or after court proceedings. Kelly Chowdhury, Miss Minnesota, is Derek’s ex-wife. Kelly ended his ten-year marriage shortly after learning of Floyd’s murder. Derek’s parents divorced when he was seven. The father’s response in court was that Chow’s sister’s paternity test should be performed when the mother filed a lawsuit seeking family home before the divorce. When she found out that the baby was not her father’s, she went with her mother. Chow was raised by his grandmother. Chowdhury took turns attending four schools for five years. Chow, who does not talk much, had few friends. Chowin was originally a cook. Later, he got a job at a U.S. military base in Germany. Later, he wrote the exam and joined the police. Kelly met and fell in love with a defendant when he arrived at a medical center in Minneapolis for a medical examination. Chowdhury then brutally murders George Floyd while he is on his way to marriage and family life. With that, Kelly announced that she was seeking a divorce.