Charles Leclerc: Ferrari will soon return to the helm

Charles Leclerc hopes Ferrari will soon be “back in charge” of the Formula 1 grid.

The Scuderia have a rich history in the sport and have always challenged at the top of the constructors’ championship, but 2020 has been a bad year for Mattia Binotto’s side.

With their struggling power unit defining their season, they only reached P6, the Italians’ lowest ranking since 1980.

Much work has been unsurprising to ensure that they don’t suffer from the same issues in 2021 and, while closing the gap with Mercedes in the next term will surely be too difficult given the lack of authorized changes, Leclerc is hopeful. they will return to the top soon.

Speaking at the Ferrari team launch, he said: “If you ask me, when we have a new project for the car, it’s always very difficult to know how things are going to go until you were trying it.

“I think that with all the meetings we have had since the start of the year, we know more or less that there are positive things in this car. Huge work has been done to improve it.

“Once other people have done their jobs, we’ll see how it goes. So yes, I hope we will be back in the driver’s seat soon.

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Leclerc’s partner this season will be Carlos Sainz, who has left McLaren, and the Monaco driver is looking forward to sharing a competitive battle with his new team-mate, but ultimately Ferrari’s success is what matters most.

He said: “For me Ferrari is a way of working, attention to detail, always trying to improve, they always try to push the limits in everything they do.

“It’s like a family. We are going through difficult times together, we are going through great times together, we are all one and a team.

“There is a whole team working day and night, working for us to be successful, I actually see it more as a team sport than an individual sport.

“I’m here to beat everyone and I know my teammate is the only driver on the grid with the same car as me, so it’s always a challenge for a driver to try and beat the person who has the same car as you.

“It’s a big challenge, but for me that’s what makes this sport so exciting because we push each other to always do more because at the end of the day what’s important is that Ferrari wins.

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