Charcoal case: Preparation for justice or politics? | ISRO Spy Case

Nambi Narayanan, a scientist named in the case, sent a complaint to the Union Home Ministry in 2013, 19 years after the ISRO registered the case and 18 years after the CBI closed the case. Although he was acquitted, all the officials who fabricated the case were acquitted and action was required against them. This complaint marks the beginning of a new chapter in the controversial spy case. The complaint led to an FIR filed by the CBI in the Supreme Court yesterday against 18 top officials of the Kerala Police and the Intelligence Bureau (IB). Nambi Narayanan says that his struggle is for justice. But officials say the move is politically motivated.

In 1994, the ISRO spy case created a lot of fire and smoke in Kerala politics and society. The case was investigated by the Kerala Police for 6 days with the help of IB. The current investigation, the case charge and the alleged torture of the accused led to the present investigation and trial. The CBI’s involvement and investigation into the case had caused controversy. One faction alleged that the zeal to end the case from the outset was due to the involvement of political elites in the case.

On May 5, 1995, the CBI informed the High Court that the case was closed. The CBI also reported to the Home Ministry that the case was fabricated and action should be taken against the officials involved. Accordingly, on November 17, 1999, the Central Government issued a notice to the concerned officials. Following the inquiry, on January 24, 2005, the Union Home Ministry reported that there was nothing wrong with the officials. All were exempt from service proceedings. Nambi Narayanan complained against this.

Nambi Narayanan and the BJP

Narendra Modi and Nambinarayan met in September 2013 in Thiruvananthapuram. Narendra Modi was then the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Nambi Narayanan told the media that he had asked Modi to meet him and that he had told him that there might be US interference in the spy case. He said the BJP has a right to the question of whether it has political goals or not.


Narayanan said that successive Kerala governments were not interested in the case. The Left wanted to oust the Congress government in the wake of the scam. K to a section of the Congress. They wanted to oust Karunakaran. Nambi Narayanan said that he would gladly accept anyone who could help in the case

Former Gujarat DGP RB Sreekumar

Former Gujarat DGP RB Singh has been named in the FIR. Sreekumar is also there. The communal riots in Gujarat took place at the end of February 2002. And then ft. RB, who was the DGP (Intelligence). Sreekumar came out publicly against the Gujarat government’s actions. He was removed from that post but continued to bring out a lot of evidence against the government and it caused a huge controversy at the national level. Sreekumar has given 9 affidavits and several statements against the Modi government.

Gujarat has taken a number of disciplinary measures, including the suspension of his pension when he retired in 2007. He then approached the Supreme Court to remove all obstacles against him. Therefore, after the meeting with Modi, the media asked Nambi Narayanan whether the BJP was targeting Sreekumar. He responded that the BJP may have such goals. He said that in a 1999 letter to the National Human Rights Commission seeking compensation, the names of the then IB Joint Director Mathew John and Deputy Director Sreekumar were mentioned.

Sreekumar said he was not questioned

Nambinarayanan first joined RB in 2003. Complaining against Sreekumar. It was alleged that he had fabricated the case. The complaint was lodged with the Union Home Ministry on December 18, 2013. B. Nambi Narayanan says that it was for Sreekumar.


RB Sreekumar, Narendra Modi

However, Sreekumar clarified that he was not in charge of the case on the part of the IB and that he had not questioned Nambi Narayanan. Nambi Narayanan was questioned by others. The interrogation was completely videotaped and handed over to the High Court. During a campaign rally in 2014, prominent BJP leader Meenakshi Lekhi told a press conference in Delhi that Sreekumar was behind the case and called him a traitor and a CIA agent. Sreekumar says the same politics is behind the current moves.

Meenakshi Lekhi’s allegation

Nambi Narayanan’s complaint to the Union Home Ministry. Sreekumar had issued a statement to the media on February 24, 2014 in response to the allegations made against him and Meenakshi Lekhi. In it, Nambi Narayanan’s claims were questioned. Nambi Narayanan had introduced himself in a letter to the Home Ministry saying that he was a prominent rocket scientist and a timely promoter. However, the promotion committee did not approve his name. Sreekumar had included the letter written by Vijayanand in the statement.


Meenakshi Lekhi

Sreekumar stated in his letters from 1978 to ’92 that his position as a scientist was only above average. During 1980-84, Sreekumar was in charge of ISRO security. The case against Nambi Narayanan was being investigated at this time. The inquiry was about giving tenders to some companies that did not exist and helping those in need. I have known him since then. In 2003, for the first time, ft. Sreekumar said in a statement that Nambi Narayanan did not complain that Sreekumar was questioned or harassed even when he filed the complaint in the sub-court.

M.K. Written by Dhar

One group at the time alleged that the United States may have been behind the spying. But another argument was that Pakistan was behind. MK, who was the IB Joint Director at the Center at the time of the char case investigation. Dhar was overseeing the investigation.


In 2005, he published a book on IB investigations. The book Open Secrets – Indian Intelligence Unveiled (Manas Publications) mentions Pakistan’s involvement. Dhar said that it was Pakistan, not the US, that knew about India’s space program. The IB agreed to assist in the case at the request of the Kerala DGP.

Senkumar, Sasikumaran

The spy case has always created two opinions in Kerala politics and society. In the first phase, all political parties sided with the police investigation. The argument that the case was fabricated was later strengthened. The Kerala government has agreed to pay a huge compensation to Nambi Narayanan, who suffered human rights violations and torture. The Central Government honored him with the Padma Bhushan.

TP Senkumar

TP Senkumar

It was then that there was unexpected opposition from even the BJP supporters. Former DGP TP against Nambi Narayanan Senkumar exploded. Senkumar joined the BJP after retirement. Sasikumaran was another scientist arrested along with Nambi Narayanan. But he was not ready to go to trial. He also expressed his disinterest in the media.

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