Center to circle celebrities and religious leaders to disseminate accurate vaccine information | MorungExpress

New Delhi, December 31 (IANS): In a bid to build confidence and foster confidence in the Covid-19 vaccine among people, the Union Health Ministry will appeal to celebrities, religious leaders, media and RWAs to disseminate information precise and transparent.

An 88-page document on the Covid-19 vaccine communication strategy has been released by the ministry. It seeks to disseminate timely, accurate and transparent information about the vaccine in order to alleviate concerns, ensure acceptance and encourage adoption.

According to the document, the government aims to achieve this goal by using three strategies, first by using social influence or the endorsements of experts and official voices, the creation of a national rapid response cell of the media and the ‘involvement of community mobilizers and frontline workers to engage with the community.

Three platforms will be used to disseminate information, including celebrities from entertainment industry, sports and politics, influencers such as local leaders, religious leaders, social cultural leaders, panchayat leaders and teachers. Frontline workers will also be roped.

The second platform includes community groups such as Gram Sabhas, school management committees, children’s school cabinets, NSS, NYKS, Boy Scouts and Guides, and cooperatives. Third, social media, community media, mass media and outside media will be used.

WhatsApp will also be used for proactive messaging. A WhatsApp toolkit and content guide will be designed for all campaign partners, including government departments, at national and state levels to ensure a cohesive campaign. Coordination groups will be created for the coordination of social media.

“Identify and engage WhatsApp champions of WhatsApp groups, eg principals, RWA presidents, who can disseminate information and tackle disinformation. All states will need to ensure that partners have tools to support the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine via digital and social media amplification to reach the public, ”the document states.

The vaccine information will clarify that it has undergone various trials and is safe, its eligibility criteria and vaccination process, where to access the vaccine, the registration process and vaccine prerequisites, care and support after vaccination.

The key elements of the communication strategy will be advocacy, capacity building, media and social media engagement, social mobilization and community engagement, and communication on adverse reactions following vaccination (AEFI).

The vaccine is expected to be approved soon. As India anxiously awaits a quick fix against the coronavirus, India’s Comptroller General of Medicines ((DCGI) hinted at the vaccine approval earlier on Thursday and said the country would have a “good year with something in hand “.

The drugs regulator is currently analyzing data submitted by the Serum Institute of India, which manufactures the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine and Bharat Biotech, which makes a native vaccine in collaboration with the ICMR. The expert group will convene a meeting on January 1 on this matter.

The central government plans to vaccinate nearly 30 million people in the first phase of the campaign. It will be offered to 1 crore of healthcare workers, as well as 2 crore of frontline and essential workers and 27 crore of elderly, mostly over 50 with comorbidities.