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Vaccination of those over 18 years of age will start from May 1 as the second wave of Kovid strikes the country. With this, more than half of the people in the country are becoming part of one of the strongest fights against the epidemic. But since the vaccination process began, many doubts have been raised. Can those who take one dose of covacine take the next cov shield? There is a lot of doubt as to which is the best vaccine, and whether the disease will recur after receiving the vaccine dose. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for acne treatment:

കോ Can Kovid-19 be affected after receiving the vaccine?

May be affected. However, the incidence of the disease is lower in those who have been vaccinated. More studies on this are being done in India. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, 99.99% of people have not had a major infection since receiving the vaccine.

Which is the best vaccine – covaxino or cova shield?

Both of these vaccines have been the subject of research and are both effective. It is important to avoid the spread and death of Kovid by taking either of these two vaccines.

Can people with heart disease and those who have had bypass surgery be vaccinated?

Can be accepted.

Do you experience any physical discomfort after vaccination?

You may experience fever, chills, body aches and fatigue. If you experience any of these, you can take paracetamol tablets. In a couple of days, all the problems will go away. There will be no serious side effects. The skin on the injection site may become red.

Can I take one dose of covaxin and another dose of cova shield?

No. Take two doses of the same vaccine.

Can people with allergies get the vaccine?

Seek the advice of your doctor in this regard. There are many types of allergies. If you have an earlier allergy problem, go to the nearest major hospital and get vaccinated. They can deal with any repercussions.

Can a person being treated for thyroid be vaccinated?

Can be accepted

യാ Can a person who has received the first dose of a vaccine similar to Cow Shield from abroad receive the second dose in India?

If the same vaccine is available here, it can be adopted.

Are any tests required before vaccination?

No. No other medical tests are required before vaccination, not only in India but anywhere in the world. However, if you have Kovid-19 symptoms, you should have a Kovid test before getting the vaccine.

Can the vaccine be said to be effective if no side effects are shown?

Is effective.

Is it mandatory to take the second dose from the same place where the first dose was taken?

No. Can be taken anywhere

Can the vaccine be given to people with high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems?

Can be accepted. People with these problems are in the high-risk category. They must have been vaccinated.

Is there a difference in the vaccine content between the first dose and the second dose?


ചെയ്യും What to do if Kovid is infected before receiving the second dose of the vaccine?

The next dose can be taken only after one to two weeks of recovery. If infected before the first dose, the vaccine can be given up to 28 days after complete cure.

ിച്ചാൽ If Kovid is infected after taking the first dose, is it enough to take the second dose after recovering or do both doses have to be taken again?

It is enough to take only the second dose.

Can the antibody produced by the Kovid vaccine enhance immunity against other viruses?

The vaccine is for one disease only. It did not exclude other diseases. That is why babies are given different types of vaccines for different diseases.

Will there be any natural antibodies in the body after vaccination?

No. Vaccines provide the body with new antibodies. Early antibodies in the body will remain there. This will not cause any problems for the immune system.

Is there a problem with taking the second dose late?

No. You can take it when you can. But it is better to take it in four or six to eight weeks. The second dose should definitely be taken anyway.

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What happens if the second dose is not taken?

The full effectiveness of the vaccine can only be achieved if both doses are taken. One dose alone is not enough.

Can the vaccine be given to a person who has contracted Covid?

No. Antibodies do not last long. It is essential to take the vaccine.

Can cancer survivors be vaccinated?

Can be accepted. People who have had any disease before can be vaccinated.

Can the vaccine be given to breastfeeding mothers or pregnant women?

This is not mentioned in the new proposal regarding the vaccine.

Can people who take non-allopathic medicines be vaccinated?

Let’s take.

I feel leg pain after taking the second dose. Is that normal?

Leg pain can have a variety of causes. It is therefore advisable to seek the help of a doctor.

It has been announced that vaccination for those over 18 years of age will start from May 1, but the exact picture of the distribution has not yet been released. The vaccine is also available in the general market. The distribution of free vaccines at government centers will continue. How will the distribution be from May? How important it is not to give up care even when vaccinated. Dr. A., Associate Professor of Community Medicine, Manjeri Medical College, asked for more information on Kovid vaccination. Answers are provided through the Altaf Help Desk. Dr. A. Altaf is the convener of the IMA Infectious Disease Control Cell. Watch the video:

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