Call me one before making this decision, if that kid had told you; Suresh Gopi

Actor and MP Suresh Gopi reacts emotionally to Vismaya’s death due to husband abuse. Suresh Gopi said that girls should not be tolerated like this and if he had called Vismaya and talked about this issue, he would have intervened. Suresh Gopi said that besides buying dowry, the demand for dowry is also wrong. ‘Knowing this, I called Vijith. Vismaya’s body was then taken for postmortem.

I asked Vijith and left. How many people are tapping my number and calling. Call me one before making this decision, if that kid said so. I would have taken the car and gone to that house and called. I wish I could see what comes after that .. ‘says Suresh Gopi.

He said there should be cultural groups in every panchayat to prevent such incidents from happening again. He also criticized the police for not taking strong action when women come forward with complaints, saying that dowry should be paid more than it should be bought. He pointed out that not only men but also mothers, sisters and aunts of boys are guilty in such incidents