Cagliari makes move that stops Juventus’ plan for Reynolds

Calciomercato says Juventus suffered a setback in their bid to sign Bryan Reynolds.

The Bianconeri had been looking to sign the young American for some time.

However, as they used up all of their non-European places, they needed another team to help them take him for the next six months before the end of this season.

The Bianconeri face competition from Roma and Club Brugge, with the Belgians keen to beat them on his signing.

Juve had planned to sign him and loan him to Cagliari for the remainder of the season.

The deal seemed set in stone, but the report says Cagliari has now pulled out of the deal.

He says they told Juventus they could no longer welcome him into their non-European place for them until the end of the season.

The Bianconeri are now looking for a new squad they can send him to after signing him from FC Dallas.

This issue has opened the door for Club Brugge to sign Reynolds to Juventus, but the Bianconeri won’t give up on him so easily.