Busy on the phone, a cyclist climbs straight into a parked van

Watch: Busy on the phone, a cyclist gets straight into a parked van

A cyclist gets straight into a van in this viral video.

Texting while driving is a bad idea. One cyclist learned this the hard way when he chose to focus on his phone instead of looking at the road. And luckily, what happened next was captured on camera for the world to see. In a video shared by former American basketball player Rex Chapman, the cyclist, engrossed in messaging, was filmed crashing directly into a van parked on the side of the road. The impact of the blow caused the bicycle to fall to the ground, as the man was thrown backwards and could be seen rubbing his sore face.

Rex captioned the clip with the fair warning, “Don’t text and ride a bike …”

The images, which have divided Twitter users, have so far racked up more than 9.7 lakh views.

Twitter responded by sharing more snippets of accidental bumps caused by texting while traveling. Looked.

Another user seemed to have more sympathy for the van owner than the reckless cyclist. “Imagine filing an auto insurance claim for that rear-end collision,” the tweet read.

Many also quickly noticed that the rider seemed upset about the van for the embarrassing situation.

One onlooker noted: “Hahaha, he goes so quickly from the fall trying to blame the van for looking around embarrassed.”

American publicist Danny Deraney also supported this observation. He asked, “Is he getting mad at the van?” followed by laughter emojis.

In 2017, an unconscious man in China, busy on his phone while riding his scooter, drove straight into a six-foot chasm.

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