Burger King apologizes for controversial tweet ‘Women should be confined to the kitchen …’

WomanBurger King, the fast food industry giant, has taken issue with the tweet that s should be confined to the kitchen. The controversial tweet was posted by Burger King as part of their new Culinary Scholarship.

Burger King is the largest fast food company in the UK. The controversial tweet was made on Monday for Women’s Day. But as the protest intensified, they apologized for the tweet. It initially refused to delete the tweet but later deleted it as protests grew.

The US-based Burger King Foundation also ran a full-page ad in the New York Times. Burger King used the same slogan that demeans women even more. ‘Women belong in the kitchen’ is capitalized. And adjectives for a variety of kitchens. “Where there are professional kitchens, there are women. In the United States, only 24 percent of women work as chefs, and when it comes to leadership, it shrinks to seven percent.” The ad continues.

It was an advertisement for a scheme that offered scholarships to two women working in any of Burger King’s franchises. The scholarship amount is $ 25,000.

KFC had also come up with a troll mocking Burger King saying that this is a good time to remove the post. But Burger King UK’s first response was that the tweet should be deleted and that the ad may now have caught the attention of many women. They later retweeted the tweet.

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