Building disaster in Florida: Death toll rises to 99, with 99 suspected trapped

The death toll from a building disaster is rising in the modern urban areas of the United States. A portion of the 12-story multi-story building on the Surfside in Florida was completely leveled. So far four people have died in the accident. 99 people are reported to be trapped. Locals are worried as the building debris has not been completely removed. Thirty-five people were rescued immediately after the accident. The ground floor is part of a 130-apartment building complex built in 1981.

Authorities are baffled by the lack of clear information on how many people were in the building complex at the time of the accident. The rescue operation was delayed as the accident took place at night. Miami Police are leading the rescue effort. A total of 55 apartments were in the wreckage. Residents are being evacuated completely as all the apartments in the building have collapsed.

English Summary: Death toll increases in Florida building collapse incident

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