Brazil cancels agreement to buy covaxin from India siraj daily

Brasilia | Brazil pulls out of $ 20 million deal to buy Kovacin from India The deal comes amid allegations of crores of rupees of corruption against Brazilian President Jair Bolzano and others. Earlier, the company had agreed to pay $ 15 for a Kovid vaccine dose and $ 20 million for a $ 324 million vaccine. But the government had launched an investigation after allegations surfaced that crores of rupees had been spent on the deal. Brazilian Health Minister Marcelo Quiroga said the investigation report would be available within ten days. Federal Comptroller General Wagner Rosario said the deal was canceled as a preliminary step.

The vaccine was announced in Brazil by Prasisa Medicamentosin, a representative of Kovacsin, a company developed by Bharat Biotech in India.
The investigation was announced on the allegation that he had received one-third of the amount contracted to provide the vaccine. However, Kovacs is not fully licensed in India. The Central Committee has decided to continue with the emergency use permit.