Bollywood actor Mir Sarwar enters Malayalam as Rahman’s villain through ‘Samara’

Filming of Samara, directed by newcomer Charles Joseph and starring Rahman, has been completed. Bollywood actor Mir Sarwar, who has acted in ‘Bajrangi Baijan’, ‘Jolly LLB2’, ‘Kashmir Daily’, ‘Katru Veliyidai’ and ‘Vishwaroopam 2’, is coming to Malayalam as Rahman’s villain in ‘Samara’. Actor Bharath will also be seen in the lead role.

The theme is an investigation thriller based on forensics. The film also has the distinction of being a multilingual film. The other characters are Sanjana Deepu, Rahul Madhav, Binoj Villa, Veer Aryan, Billy, Vivia Shanth and Neet Chaudhary.

Cinematography: Sinu Siddharth, Editing: Ayub Khan, Music: Deepak Warrier, Art Direction: Ranjith Kothari. Dinesh Kashi has prepared the conflict scenes. Under the banner of Peacock Art House. K Subhakaran and Anuj Varghese Villadath will be seen together in the upcoming Samara. P.R.O.C. K. Ajay Kumar

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