Boeing Boeing Web series: Pradeep, Veena and Arya in new looks; Boeing Boeing first trailer! – bigg boss malayalam season 2 contestants starring new web series boeing boeing trailer

The web series of Bigg Boss Season 2 stars arrives. The trailer that was released before the series arrived has already garnered attention. The channel of the web series reached the audience through the YouTube channel BB Company. Mohanlal has released the trailer of the web series by congratulating the line-up.

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Suresh Krishnan, who started his film career with Rajeev Anchal as an assistant director, has worked as an assistant and associate in Priyadarshan films. He was also a notable contestant in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2.

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It’s been a long time since the end of the second season of Bigg Boss. In addition to the glittering stars on the mini screen and the big screen, there are many contestants from all walks of life living together in one house. Last season was only 75 days, but a lot of names are still in the minds of the audience as winners.