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In five years, the BJP will make great strides

Vaccine scam in West Bengal

New Delhi: The BJP will come to power in the 2026 Assembly elections in West Bengal, National President J.P. Nadda. He said the BJP had made great strides in Bengal in a short span of time in the recent elections. Nadda was addressing the BJP Working Committee in West Bengal online.

In West Bengal, the BJP has come a long way in a short span of time. In 2014, the BJP won just two seats and 18 per cent of the vote. In 2016, it won three seats and 10.16 percent of the vote. In 2019, it won 40.25 per cent of the vote and 18 Lok Sabha seats.

Meanwhile, in the recent assembly elections, the BJP’s vote share rose to 38.1 per cent and won 77 seats, Nadda pointed out. Nadda said the BJP would make great strides in West Bengal in the next five years and form a government.

Nadda said the Trinamool Congress had unleashed serious political violence in West Bengal after the election results were declared. 1,399 properties of BJP workers were destroyed. 676 robberies took place. 108 families were threatened. There was great violence against women. All this happened under a woman chief minister, Nadda said.

Nadda also accused the Trinamool Congress of being synonymous with Mamata Banerjee’s corruption. Even in the case of Wax, corruption is rampant in West Bengal. Counterfeit vaccines are being distributed in the state. Nadda alleged that even the MPs received fake vaccines and that fake vaccines were being distributed in the state.

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