Bill Gates explains why he prefers Android mobile to iPhone

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates created the Windows operating system, which runs billions of desktops and laptops around the world. However, he still regrets that his company has been complacent in understanding the potential of the mobile industry and failed to create an alternative to Google’s Android, which now works on more than 80% of phones.

Although Microsoft made a delayed attempt with the Windows Mobile platform, the advance of Google Android and Apple iOS was just too overwhelming for the Bill Gates company to breach the status quo.

“In the software world, especially for platforms, these are the markets that win it all. So the biggest mistake is the mismanagement I got into that kept Microsoft from being what Android is. It is a natural thing for Microsoft to win. The winners really get it all. If you’re there with half the apps, or 90% as many apps, you’re on the right track. There is room for exactly a non-Apple operating system and what is its value? $ 400 billion that would be transferred from Company G to Company M. ”Bill Gates said in an interview with Village Global, a venture capital firm in 2019.

However, over time, Gates fell in love with Android. In a recent interview with CNBC and NY Times reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin on the Clubhouse Invitational App, Gates revealed why he prefers to use an Android mobile over an iPhone.

Although he previously owned an iPhone, Gates has now made the switch to Android as some phones come preinstalled with Microsoft’s Office suite of apps. And, he says, Android is a bit more flexible when connecting a phone with Windows PCs.

Most people would surely agree with that and I too see the point. It’s a real pain when connecting an iPhone to a non-macOS PC to exchange files and pictures.

Microsoft applications are preinstalled on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. Credit: DH Photo / KVN Rohit

According to the statement, we believe that Bill Gates most likely owns a Samsung phone as the latter has ties to Microsoft and has preinstalled Office apps as well as exclusive offers through Xbox Game Pass vouchers with premium phones from the Galaxy S series and Note.

That said, Apple iOS continues to be safer and more robust in detecting malware-containing apps that enter the ecosystem and the recent App Privacy Label feature has let people know what user information is being tracked and stored by. the application. Also, in the upcoming iOS 14.5, Apple will give users the option to completely block all permissions for apps to track user information.

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During the interview, Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davidson also joined in the conversation and vowed that the company is working hard to bring the Android version of the audio-only app as soon as possible. For now, Clubhouse is only available on the Apple App Store and so far over 10 million people have it installed.

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