BIGHIT New Years Eve 2021 Live Concert Recap: An Unforgettable Night with BTS, TXT, GFRIEND and more

2020 has been deeply meaningful for many reasons, some not as sweet as others. However, one thing is for sure – it has been an incredible year for K-Pop and especially for the BigHit family, 2020 has been one of the most magical and successful years of all time. With BTS ‘first major Grammy nomination in a musical category at the beginning of ENHYPEN, TXT, NU’EST and SEVENTEEN top graphics and FRIEND being the first K-Pop girl group to be invited for an interview at the US Grammy Museum Mini Masterclasss, we’ve been with these amazing artists through it all. Finally, the day has come to wrap up the year with BigHit Entertainment’s New Years Eve 2021 live concert. Are you ready, because this will be the best hike we have ever done!

Pre-opening internship by HANBIN – INTRO + I & CREDIBLE

The show begins with an incredible solo stage performance by Hanbin from I & CREDIBLE. Hanbin received applause during his time at I-LAND for his performance skills and really, the way he commands the stage alone deserves praise. There couldn’t have been a better pre-opening performance than this. It was also an amazing surprise treat for Hanbin fans who are eager to see what he has in store for the future in 2021.


ENHYPEN sets the tone for the night with a roaring performance of LET ME ENTER which follows an equally phenomenal introduction. The boys make the smooth transition to a show of unity, followed by everyone gathering for a show of 10 MONTHS which was really something that has never been seen before. To change things, NI KI take the stage for an all-solo dance performance that was enough to take your breath away. Finally, ENHYPEN concluded with a brilliant rendition of their mega-hit song GIVEN TAKEN.


TXT starts off with a never-before-seen performance from You can not see me which was as refreshing as the thought of the New Year. This was quickly followed by a bold and intense performance by PUMA perfectly supported by the most modern AR and VR special effects. PUMA begins with a break from Yeonjun’s solo dance who was joined with a power punch by the other members. This is followed by solo dance breaks by Soobin, Taehyun, Beomgyu, Yeonjun and Kai in that order before a new performance of WE LOST SUMMER and WISH LIST. A motorhome is brought onto the stage, adorned with the brightest fairy lights that only add to the ambiance of the show. Finally, TXT closes it with a jazzy dance break version of BLUE TIME.


Everyone’s next favorite producer / rapper / singer is BUMZU. BUMZU, for new fans, is a producer for SEVENTEEN alongside WOOZI and he is also the producer who helped JIN express repressed emotions through ABYSS. BUMZU’s vocal strength shines through in his performance as PLEASE CALL ME, FOREVER YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL. For music lovers who weren’t aware of BUMZU before this gig, it certainly opened them up to one of the best singers in the business and fans really can’t stop raving about how amazing he is. .


One of the precursors of the ballad genre, LEE HYUN then performs, bringing romance to the concert. Lee Hyun is best known for his vocal prowess and he proved it once again through his performance of YOU ARE THE BEST OF MY LIFE as good as CALUMNY, two of his most popular, iconic and evergreen hits. The level of his talent is really underestimated in this generation and even though he has sung some of the favorite OSTs in the K-Drama world, the artist himself certainly deserves a lot more love and praise.


Suga makes a beautiful special appearance on New Years Eve 2021 live to deliver a heartwarming and touching speech to greet the start of the SPECIAL CONNECT STAGE with the caption, SHIN HAE CHUL. His exact speech was as follows:

I often wonder if I would be a better person today, if I had met the old me. It may sound like a dream, but this is how we dream of meeting our old age. On the road we have come so far, countless answers, mistakes and endless questions that woke us up at night are etched. And now here’s a man that’s answered all these questions. He told us to ignore those who laughed at our dreams; as we all walk towards answers to questions that cannot be erased; so as not to feel alone since we are walking together; to stop getting sick.


For new Korean music fans, Shin Hae Chul has been a pioneer in bringing experimental rock music in South Korea. His music literally flowed through the veins of the youth of generations of South Koreans and his spirit still lives on through the music he left behind. In other words, it’s a legenre.

In the first step of the tribute to Shin Hae Chul, JAY ENHYPEN, HUENING KAI from TXT and REN from NU’EST perform an extraordinary interpretation of WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT, one of Shin Hae Chul’s most iconic songs that changed an entire generation. The performance was exceptionally supported by traditional Korean songs and dances.

The next special connection step with starring Shin Hae Chul TAEHYUN from TXT, BUMZU, HEESUNG from ENHYPEN, BAEKHO from NU’EST and YUJU from GFRIEND in an extremely powerful and emotional performance by YOURS. The special feature of this performance was a live hologram of SHIN HAE CHUL himself, accompanied once again by the most elaborate Korean traditional dancers. It was the most elaborate step of the night and left goosebumps until the very end.


GFRIEND put on one of the best performances of the evening with an extraordinary setlist. The group begins with a beautifully magical performance of THE TIME OF THE NIGHT OF THE MOON (PIANO VER) followed by CROSSROADS. A dance break by the one and only YUJU followed which preceded a performance of APPLE and MAGO, closing their segment with delight. GFRIEND had incredible timing and their stage presence was just as wonderful as ever.


NU’EST had one of the longest setlists of the night and every second was worth the hype. It is common knowledge in the K-Pop community that NU’EST are incredible performers on stage and their energy is unmatched. OVERCOME was the first track they played, followed by LOVE PAINTING (EVERY AFTERNOON), an orchestral version of BET BET, SHADOW, I AM IN PROBLEM, LOVE ME and close it with DRIVE. NU’EST played consistently and tirelessly and all their efforts shone the brightest of this New Year’s Eve concert.

After a brief comment from MC Kim Il Joong and all the performers of the night (except BTS), BTS themselves take the stage in the last segment of this concert.


BTS starts off with a bang, DYNAMIZE. All members are dressed in the cutest and cutest retro outfit and they quickly switch the energy to an even more pumped up mood with a pleasantly surprising performance of BEST OF ME. No one saw this one coming, but it made it even more special. The song embodies precisely the energy that we all hope to take away in 2021.

After this brief step, BTS takes a break for an incredible countdown to 2021 drone light show. A touching message of hope is accompanied by the prettiest lights as we usher in the New Year. Once again we are brought to the scene where all members of BTS, yes INCLUDING SUGA share their thoughts, goals, desires and resolutions for the New Year.

All the leaders of all K-Pop groups alongside Lee Hyun and Bumzu return to the stage to express their gratitude and share their resolutions for 2021 in addition to sharing a bit about their upcoming projects. All the artists are hoping that fans are eagerly awaiting all the music they are excited to create and share next year.

Just when it all seems like the night is over STEVE AOKI appears on the screen, larger than life. In another pleasant surprise, BTS performs MIC DROP. For some reason, BTS’s performance MIC DROP hits differently after knowing that the boys really have too many trophies to count now and most notably, that they have a Grammy nomination that they are likely to win. It was by far the fiercest, fiercest performance of the night and it certainly doesn’t take into account that there was real fire on stage.

This performance was followed by an enchanting acoustic performance by DO IT WELL, practically featuring LAUV. Just as precious as the previous one, this performance was also special J-Hope’s voice really stood out during this particular stage.

What better way to wrap up the collaboration trilogy than with BOY WITH LUV, also virtually with HALSEY. The happiness on the faces of the members during this performance was simply contagious and the multi-screen format made it even better.

Finally the night comes to an end with ALL BTS efficient LIFE GOES ON. It was an incredible pleasure to see SUGA on the deerOnce again, his desire to play was visibly evident in his appearance. A clear tinge of renewed hope with the coming of the new year as well as a longing for the ARMYs could be heard in all of their voices. The members take a nice break to speak directly to ARMYs and fans of all the other artists, recounting their struggles and their journey to here. Jimin is about to fall apart just like he did at SOUL MAP ON: E concert but he holds together and so do we. Members express their undying love for ARMYs around the world and ring in the New Year with best wishes.

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