Bigg Boss Malayalm Seson 3 Manikuttan About Soorya’s Love Affair



oi-Ankitha Is


Surya’s interest in Manikutta It was Surya who revealed the secret about his crush on Bigg Boss House. At first, Surya looked at the camera and spoke openly about his interest in Manikutta. It was later revealed to Mohanlal, others and Manikutta. During the current task, Mohanlal has found the poem given by Surya to Manikuttan by hand.


In that episode, Manikuttan was seen going into the bathroom with a poem given by Surya. The poem was recited by Mohanlal Surya himself. He later asked Manikutta about it.

“He said it was poetry for the time being. He said it was for me because I felt like I should read it without anyone noticing. It was the first time I had such an experience. I felt great pleasure when I read it. I respect that feeling.

But if there is another love, it must be marriage. Then the next step I will take will be very careful. Because I’m starting to feel like getting married. “Let’s see, sir, let’s see what happens,” said Manikuttan.

Manikuttan said that he saw the love in Surya’s eyes when he gave the poem. Mohanlal also commented that he has become beautiful after hearing the poem. Later, Mohanlal asked Kitilan Feroz for his opinion on the poem. Kitilan Feroz’s assessment was that poetry is written as it is in the heart.