Bigg Boss Malayalam Sesaon 1 Winner Sabumon Criticize Season 3 contestants

Sabu Mon’s words are like this …. Why not a courtesy? I personally did not like the disrespect and disrespect that those people showed to Laletta and Bigg Boss. (The question of whether Niyara likes or dislikes is whether Bigg Boss 3 Army folds into four … Boy Friends) “, Sabu Mon wrote

Quarrels and problems are not new at Bigg Boss House. But this was the first time that the contestants were horned in front of the presenter. According to social media comments, the contestants’ behavior the previous day was without any respect for Mohanlal. The incident took place at the Bigg Boss House while resolving issues between the contestants. The quarrel was sparked by a minor altercation between Feroz Khan and Kitalan Feroz during the break.

Feroz Khan alleged that Bigg Boss was standing in the house wearing a giant Feroz mask and was a fake. The two were arguing over this. The quarrel escalated when Dimple’s name came up in their quarrel. Feroz Khan said that Dimple is a culprit. But when Anoop questioned this, the argument between them finally reached the point of a scuffle.

Seeing all this, Mohanlal was standing on the screen. But this was not known to the contestants. Anoop and Feroz clashed without appreciating Mohanlal’s presence. The contestants came to the seat when the player raised his voice. Anoop and Feroz apologized but Mohanlal refused to listen.

The actor’s reaction was harsh language

The reaction of the actor has gone viral among the audience as well as the rivalry of the contestants. ” I do not come to see. Do not show the practice while I am standing, whether male or female, “said Mohanlal.