Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3: Soorya Menon talks about the fight with Sai Vishnu, Video Goes Viral | It happened after the beating with Sai; Only edited parts you see; Sun with an open mind


Every fan expects their favorite competitor, the Bigg Boss, to warm up for the title. Manikuttan, Ritumantra, Dimple, Sai Vishnu, Nobby, Anoop Krishnan, Ramzan and Kitilam Firoz will compete in the final. There is a lot of discussion on social media about the possibility of success for some of them.


Manikuttan, Sai Vishnu and Dimple are the most likely candidates to win. Discussions related to this were active on social media groups. But the question on the minds of every fan is when the final will take place


A video of Bigg Boss star Surya going viral on social media while discussions related to the grand finale are taking place on social media. These are the words of Surya about Bigg Boss contestants Ritu and Sai Vishnu.


Ritu Mantra and Sai Vishnu were the audience’s favorite contestants. Surya was with them till the end of the match. During the match, Moore often clashed. In the early days they were good friends but later problems arose due to differences of opinion.


But after all the problems were over, they left the house. But when he came live last day, the actor revealed about his friendship and closeness with them. Surya’s words about Ritu,


The actor says that he is getting close to Ritu at the end of the show. Initially he had no friendship with Ritu. Intimacy with each other at all times. But in the first stage, Surya says that he does not have much quarrels or problems with Ritu.


But then a bond came up amid the controversy. Surya later clarified that it later became a good friendship. Surya also opened his mind about Sai. According to Surya, Sai Vishnu was the best contestant in the show and Sai was a quick tempered person.


When angry, say something, yes. You will only see parts that you have all edited. It’s just me and Sai. But this is what happened after the beating. There will be a love after the beat. When they are silent, they often ask for tea. Surya says that most of the time Sai and I will be in the same working group.


No one can be silent there, they will be silent for an hour. Nothing goes beyond that. No one there can be silent to anyone. Everyone loves each other. But when you watch the episode that goes out there seems to be a big problem between them


But in truth there is no such thing. Surya says that after a while, everyone will fall in love with each other. Surya is now open-minded about what Bigg Boss audiences have never seen before. Anyway this video is now viral on social media.