Bigg Boss Malayalam season 3: ‘So the sun is winning in the love drama: the two mirror each other; Ashwathy with Bigg Boss Review! – actress aswathy shares bigg boss review

As Bigg Boss Season 3, 54 enters, a lot of interesting tasks are part of the show. Not only tasks but also quarrels between contestants in the Bigg Boss house have now become a regular sight.

The war of words between Polly Feroz and Ritu, Surya and Polly Feroze took place last day. Bigg Boss fans have seen the sun like never before. Now the Bigg Boss episode review shared by actress Ashwathy is going viral. You can read the full version of the post that says ‘Surya is winning in love drama’.

Ashwathy’s words!

The Morning Taskcode “Don’t need a mirror if your friend is good” also started. So Surya is winning in the romantic drama.

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Polly Feroz I do not understand why you are talking nonsense … Ritu said as good. What power does this dot have to make fun of someone’s profession?

It has begun to show a lack of quality. No one in the area saw anyone who had taken a PhD in the ability to react when the season was mocked. It was great to talk without giving up the season.

Ramadan has seen this and is not liking anything. The sad scene that the sun had been holding for so many days began to change. It is now a common sight for Manikuttan to stand in the middle of them and tie his hands no matter what happens. കിടിലുവിനെ കണ്ടതേയില്ലല്ലോ.

The weekly task “Dreams for sale” is a task in which they must demonstrate their ability. Is this really the Big Boss’ task? What do those who do not know dance, song and acting do? It looks like Manikuttan song dance acting, Ritu song, Nobby Chettan mimicry, Ramadan dance, Surya dance, Sandhya dance, Polly Firoz dance. What will the rest do.

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Manikuttan excelled in the task. And the sun fell in love with it. Polly Feroz was expecting a bit from the clock. I did not like this task anyway. Because the last one is that coin toss.

Adoni was a good performer. A good mono act. Sai said that he did not feel anything natural .. Waiting for Sai’s natural performance. Seeing all this, I felt like I was sitting in tension of “what will I do”.

Except for the performance of the task, the rest was a disappointing episode.