Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3: sandhya manoj about main criteria for selection to Bigg Boss-goesviral | Those are the main things they look for when choosing for Bigg Boss: says Sandhya Manoj

Bigg Boss House

In an interview to a YouTube channel, Sandhya Manoj said that she saw Bigg Boss House as a platform where we can showcase our talents in the best possible way. Only the name was mentioned about going to Bigg Boss. Sandhya says that Bigg Boss officials also advised her not to tell too many people.

Interview with Bigg Boss

When I told a few people, they doubted I could do it. It even said in its interview that there could be a lot of negatives. Can’t say which direction this show is going. But I’m looking forward to Bigg Boss’ audience. Its audience is spread out. “It’s great that we can reach that audience,” Sandhya said in an interview.

Method of selection

There are many different kinds of people among us. Bigg Boss selects representatives of those different types of people for the show. If someone and I are good friends they will never be selected. Chances are we’re a good team and then ever got beaten up. As such, they select those who have differences of opinion on various issues.

Name suggested by Shias

Season 1 contestant Shias is sending my name to Bigg Boss. That was the last time I was called for an interview. It was all very quick. The interview was called and the interview took place on the third day. He was selected on the same day. Then there were only the quarantine days. In that interview they will understand what our ideas are.

Many did not know

I did not know many celebrities. There are not many Malayalam channels in Malaysia where I live. That is why most people do not know. That was a big shame for me. But Sandhya Manoj says that the show authorities were more than happy when they found out about it.

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Was watching

My goal was to get everyone to understand when I walked into Bigg Boss House. Only when we talk to each other and realize that we are the right person can we know if we will be friends. So the first week I was watching. Then we changed.

The paddy field of patience

We will endure until the paddy field of patience. After that I will start responding. I never felt like I was in a situation where I couldn’t cope. “When it came out on the 70th day, I had the feeling that I could fix two or three people,” the comedian said. Alas, I have never been in a situation where I went by mistake


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His purpose

The first week I stood there watching everyone with the intention of getting to know people. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We have to say goodbye. When I was told to study yoga, I looked at who was saying what. I only taught yoga to people who said it very seriously. Sandhya says she had no strategy.