Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3: Poli Firoz was just a beginning; sandhya manoj’s words go viral | Polly Feroz is just the beginning; Discovered by Dimple: Sandhya Moj’s words go viral

Big Boss

The actor says he did not expect Kovid’s second wave to be so intense when it comes to Bigg Boss. There were only minor hints. But the expectation was that everything would slowly subside. But when he came down, he was very sad. The actor also said that he has not been able to interact with people on a large scale since he came out because of Kovid himself.

Sandhya Manoj

There hasn’t been much difference since I went to Bigg Boss. We are the same everywhere. We go there knowing how things are going. We have no contact with the outside world. I thought that if there were 14 contestants going there, 13 channels would be open.


They take people who are so colorful. It takes a lot of endurance inside. One has to pay attention when it comes to how real it is. If we say or do something without thinking, it will backfire on us. I would tell my husband that it was there that he fully practiced, including the philosophy he had learned from yoga.

Many times

We can’t even say for a second what we felt in our mouths. You have to think many times before saying a thing. Can’t tell who is playing the game and when. Seen from the inside, not like seen from the outside. “We don’t know everything that is going on there,” Sandhya Manoj said in an interview with a YouTube channel.

Just thinking

I never felt that 70 days in Bigg Boss could have changed anything in what I said and did. Many others would say the same thing all the time or even there we would have said a lot of thoughtful confirmation. I never lost control. As each day goes by, I re-think that day.


If there are any misconceptions it will not go unnoticed. If there are any problems it will be fixed there. That’s the way it is inside and outside of Bigg Boss. I only intervened when I felt I had problems. But did not interfere in everything. “I did not expect that to happen to Adoni,” says Sandhya Manoj.

The beginning of Polly Feroz

That ‘s it. The fish problem did not come with the clock. That was not a problem. I am a non-fish eater. That’s my fault. I have told that to Lal Sar too. Anything there can come to us as a task. Polly Feroz says that in that situation I will work with you if I become captain.

Fish subject

We came to Bigg Boss with the captain signing whatever work he could take on. That’s why I thought I’d try something. My husband and I don’t eat but everyone else at home eats everything. I haven’t even cooked yet. So when he started to cut himself, he quickly gave up.

Dimple saw

Couldn’t figure out where and what happened. Something went wrong then. That’s how I cried. Just then Dimple saw it. I could not even open my face because I had fish in my hand. It was not a total abandonment. Feroz and Sajna were not the culprits. The only truth is that Feroz asked. I took it myself and started cutting.


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Kitilam Firoz and Bhagya Lakshmi

But I gave up. Sandhya Manoj says that she was shocked when it came up later. Kitilam Feroz and Bhagyalakshmi were not planned. When Bhagyalakshmi went to Chechi’s house, Kitilam Feroz was also there. Sandhya Manoj says she still has a good relationship with people including Lakshmi Jayan.