Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Mohanlal Slams Kidilam Firoz And Others For Making Jail Nomination A Joke

Mohanlal asked which of Kitilam Feroz, Nobi and Ramzan deserved to go to jail more. Sandhya said that she was the name of Kitilam Feroz. Dimple, Bhanu, Firoz Sajjana, Ritu Mantra and Manikuttan said that it was Kitilan Firoz who should have gone to jail. Meanwhile, Anoop, Bhagyalakshmi, Adoni, Sai Vishnu and Surya said that Ramzan and Nobby should have gone to jail.

When Mohanlal asked Feroz if he wanted to go to jail, Kitilam Feroze said that he was ready to go if they told him. Mohanlal then asked if it was right for Feroz to be the captain yesterday. When they told him to go to jail, Feroz, as captain, had to tell them there was a law. Mohanlal asked if it was not up to you to decide for yourself.

When Kitilam Feroz said that they had the lowest points in terms of points, Mohanlal repeated that it was right to say I would go. Kitilam Feroz replied that it was not. Then came Ramadan with the response. Ramadan tried to explain that he had less points and that was why he came forward. But when you mentioned your name, it came to the minds of many, said Mohanlal, citing Bhanu’s words.

Mohanlal said that going to jail should not be considered as a joke and as he thought so, he would prepare for a few more harsh punishments in jail next time. Mohanlal told Feroz not to go to jail and that he was taking the initiative to solve it himself.

Mohanlal said that he had decided to send Feroz to jail and if in doubt, go to the store room. Later, the prison clothes for Kitilam Feroz were in the store room. Mohanlal reiterated that he was just leaving because of what they said. Mohanlal said goodbye to the contestants by telling them to say bad things about him.