Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Mohanlal Plays A Prank On Adony And Sandhya Makes Everyone Sad And Later Happy



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Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 was an eventful episode. Eviction has not taken place in the Bigg Boss house since Feroz and Sajna were evicted. So the stars and the audience were worried about who would be out today. Adoni, Ritu, Sandhya and Sai Vishnu were among the nominees.

Today’s episode was heated as Mohanlal asked the audience about the events of the past week as usual. He was later asked to comment on Captain Ramzan. When asked if anyone had any objections, Remya was the only one who spoke against it. Later, Sai Vishnu also expressed his support for Remya’s argument.

Bigg Boss Malayalam

After this, Bigg Boss set out for home with the task of finding a new captain. The match for the captaincy was between Anoop, Adoni and Sandhya. The sword in the yard was hitting the paint. Adoni won the task and Bigg Boss became the new captain of the house. Soon after, the lieutenant entered into eviction.

He asked who was on the eviction list and all four stood up. He asked his teammates for their opinion on whether any of them should go out. Ritu and Sai were safe from the start. After telling the rest of Adoni and Sandhya to come out, Mohanlal went for a break. With this, all the contestants became concerned.

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The players thought that Adoni and Sandhya were out together. The two then asked the others to leave. The two contestants said goodbye with horseradish eyes. Both said they were leaving with pride. Both said they were not personally hostile to anyone. Sandhya said she wanted to see another woman not go out.

But then came Bigg Boss’ announcement. Bigg Boss said he could not find the key to the door. With this, the contestants, realizing that there was no eviction, were shouting. Soon after, Mohanlal reached the screen and informed that there was no eviction. He had earlier revealed this to the audience.