Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Manikuttan Warns Soorya About What Others Says About Them

Surya came up to me and asked. Manikutta told Dimple that he was a little upset that Manikutta did not sing there and that some people had discussed it. Dimple replied that this was what they wanted. Earlier, there was a quarrel between Dimple and Surya. Dimple alleged that Surya was over-acting and that his love affair with Manikuttan was meant to get attention.

I said, “Did you come up to me and ask me something when the sun said you like walking after me and the lieutenant said so?” I have not asked yet. When I get tasks I just do fun here. If so, does it matter if Ramzu sang with Ritu? Manikuttan said that he did not learn the basics of singing with Ritu.

They have everything they need to cause trouble. But the point is that he started counting me. Manikuttan also said that he already knew Dimple. Then Manikuttan and Surya spoke. The two were talking about an earlier reference to Sai Dimple and Surya.


The food was being served. Then Sai said jokingly, “Have you been stabbing me for so long and now I want to see you take it.” But Surya said I was not to blame. Manikuttan immediately asked if he needed to say it. Dimple suddenly said that and laughed. But Surya commented that it seems to have hurt Dimple. But Manikuttan made it clear that he was not talking about it now.

Got it, but Surya said I had to say what I had to say. Many will keep putting many. Manikuttan replied that we should be careful. I ‘m not sure. I do not know. I said I was not saying anything. The point is to say it jokingly. But Surya also said that it has gone to another level. With this, the appearance of the watch changed.

That said, the point was not a joke for so long. You were serious. Didn’t you say and comment one by one until you spoke? Manikuttan clarified to Surya, “If you have a lot to say, you can watch it.”