Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Majiziya Bhanu Tells The Story of Her First Love

‘I too was a terrible boyish boy. If he was a boy, he would grab the checkers, beat them, throw stones at them and run away. He was educated in an Islamic school. The girls in the class were terribly embarrassed. But I was not like that. All the boys were scared of me. I was in the same school from two to ten, ‘says Magicia.

Our school had a specialty. It was an English medium school. However, there was a practice of preparing some children from Malayalam medium for 10th class and bringing them to our school. So when I was in 10th class, a fat boy came. It was called Nulunda.

When he sees me he will say hi and bye. Always looking at me. Fingers would run through the window like this. I would get pretty angry. I would call it pota yarn. He would throw stones. I did not know what love was then. I have seen all that in movies, serials and songs.

In those days, children would give each other letters. It was a terrible irritation for me. Sometimes it will be my friend. But I would cheat them and catch them with the teacher. So I would break up their relationship. Then came the parenthouse meeting. I was the one who made my love pool. I was the one who painted.

When Umma came to the meeting I told Umma that this guy looks at me and likes me. Umma went and said something to the boy. Then he stopped looking at me. He looked at me and stopped laughing. Then I realized I liked him too. But when he didn’t look, I was terribly missing. The tenth class is over. I look up to him in every school group. He does not know where or what he is.

” That was my first love. I have never experienced such beautiful love again. It was innocent. It was love that changed my mind that I thought there was no love, ”says Magicia.