Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Latest Episode 18 April Highlights: Bigg Boss to the tenth week

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Latest Episode 18 April Highlights: The new promo indicates that the contestants are waiting for the open nomination tomorrow as Bigg Boss enters its 10th week.

Why did the women go out? To each contestant
Mohanlal asked.

Sandhya is of the opinion that the number is often referred to only as kitila and manikuttan, manikuttan and kitila. Manikuttan said that once women talk to each other and resolve their differences, they can move forward together.
Said. But Lal advised that if a performer goes out, it is because of that player and yet everyone has to put out their best performance individually.

Mohanlal conveyed to the contestants the knowledge that it was time to end the group games at home and that the ability and performance at home would be the criteria for moving forward.

Was Ramadan a hero who ruled over others?

When asked about Ramzan’s opposition to his captaincy, Ramya Panicker was the only one who dared to open up at first. It should be noted that Remya’s voice starts to be heard louder at home.

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Ramya said that Ramadan speaks in a way that governs and despises others. Sai confirmed this opinion. Ramzan also said that he had to speak out against Sai because he had violated the rule that when someone speaks, they should not enter their personal space. The sharp disagreement between Ramya and Ramzan seems to be continuing. Remya may become a strong contender for Ramadan in the coming days.

Contestants painting on the wall

The task was to copy the colors green, yellow and red on a white canvas. The one who copies the most color on the wall will win. Adoni won the contest by opting for green. After the competition, at the suggestion of Mohanlal, Anoop, Sandhya and Adoni painted on the colorful wall. The match was relatively simple compared to many other captaincy tasks.

The joke that Lal hid instead of eviction

Season, Adoni, Sandhya and Sai were on the elimination list. He saved the season in the first place. He later saved Sai as well. After that, Adoni and Sandhya were called out. After that, Lal informed them through interesting moments that there would be no elimination this time.

Mohanlal ended the weekend episode by saying that this little joke is a reminder to those who are going through such moments.

Fishermen enthusiastically welcomed Adoni and Sandhya back.

Is Anoop’s captaincy task Bali Keramala?

While Adoni, Dimple and Ramzan are competing, Adoni and Ramzan say that Anoop had a breakdown while Ramzan and Adoni were competing and that failing in many captaincy tasks had shattered Anoop’s confidence. But some social media platforms are of the opinion that Anoop is quietly making great strides even though he is not a hero.

Bigg Boss with the twist of Open Nomination

The new promo indicates that the open nomination is waiting for the contestants tomorrow as Bigg Boss enters its tenth week.