Bigg boss malayalam season 3: firoz khan reveals sajna a liability for me, his remarks goes viral | I was in charge of Sajna Bigg Boss, Feroz Khan with shocking revelation


There were also minor issues between Feroz and Sajna on the Bigg Boss show. Feroz and Sajna are talking about it now. He said this in an interview with Prime Malayalam. The presenter asked if Sajna felt obligated inside the Bigg Boss House. Feroz’s reply came as a shock to everyone


It was a pleasure to take Sajna with me until I went to Bigg Boss. But when he got to the house, things changed, Feroz said. It was a great pleasure for me to have my wife with me and take me with me until I got into the house. “I am just happy to be with her,” she said.


We’re all going together for the shoot. Sajjana is still a companion to me when I come here. There was no doubt about that. But that was not the case when Bigg Boss went inside the house. Rather than protecting me, Sajna was becoming a liability to herself. Because when Sajjana was attacked, I was more likely to get tired. “I will overcome the attack,” he said.


Feroz also said that Sajna had a chance to become a liability to herself when we came to the point of protecting our loved one when she was attacked. It is a heavy task provided by Bigg Boss. When there are two of them there will naturally be difficulty. It seemed obligatory at the time.


At the same time, Sajna was responsible, but being with her was very good. “I had to protect Sajjana along with me,” Feroz said. In addition to this, Feroz says in the interview that Sajna was often the one who calmed him down. Meanwhile, Feroz’s words went viral on social media.


Meanwhile, the pranks performed by Feroz and Sajjana were similarly taken over by the fans. Sandhya has been pranking Manoj and Ramzan for the past few days. Feroz prank the evening, saying it was for the opening of the ballroom. Eventually the question was raised as to whether it would be a problem to call Polly Feroz for the inauguration. The video also went viral on social media.