bigg boss malayalam season 3 finale; fans hopes finale will be held in chennai, discussion goes viral | Good news for Bigg Boss fans; The long awaited announcement .. Will the finale take place here?


The Bigg Boss Season 3 show started on February 14 at the Chennai EVP shooting site. The show ended 94 days later. The show, which was scheduled to run for 100 days, was extended for another two weeks due to lockdowns and Kovid problems in Chennai.


Then all the contestants returned to Kerala. With this, the fans are disappointed that there will not be a winner this time either. It was then that the cast and crew of the show announced that there would be a winner this season, taking into account the needs of the audience as well. There will be a grand finale
It was also announced that the winner would be decided by voting.


With this, the various fan armies intensified their efforts to win over their favorite rivals and to solicit votes. According to the channel, voting has ended but the channel is ready to announce who will win.


Meanwhile, there were rumors that Manikuttan was the winner and that Sai Krishna and Dimple were the other leading candidates in the polls. Meanwhile, Mohanlal, the presenter of the show, came out with an explanation as false propaganda was rife on social media.


Just be a little more forgiving. Lal said there would be a grand finale announcing the Bigg Boss winner when there is a temporary cure for the current serious problems caused by the epidemic. Fans, meanwhile, were unhappy that the channel was not ready to announce the finale despite the lockdown exemption.


Every time the contestants came to share the news live, the fans raised questions about the finale. But the contestants responded that the activists themselves would say so. Meanwhile, contestant Dimpawbhal had hinted yesterday that the final would be held soon.


Now some information about the date of the finale and where it will take place is circulating on social media. Despite the lock-down exemption, the show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes.


According to social media, the final will be held on July 15. Earlier, when the stars returned home after the show, there were discussions that the finale would be held in Kerala this time.


However, there are unconfirmed reports that the show will be held in Chennai and the finale will be held on the Bigg Boss set. Anyway, the fans are excited with the new report. Manikuttan, Dimple, Nobby, Ritu Mantra, Anoop Krishnan, Sai Krishna and Ramzan will compete in the final.