Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3: Fans ask Sajna what is on her face, Majiziya Bhanu’s Video Goes Viral | Did Feroz hit Sajna? Seeing that spot on his face, he asked the question of the fans and Sandhya live


Bhanu’s Instagram Live is now going viral. Along with Majiya, Sandhya Manoj and Sajjana came live. The stars are answering the questions of the fans live for hours. Bigg Boss stars generally get a lot of support on Instagram.


Fans were shocked when Sajna and Sandhya Manoj came live with the magician. Many comments followed the video. During this video, most of the questions were about the scars on Sajjana’s face. Everyone wanted to know what had happened.


Sandhya was the first to ask what was on Sajjana’s face. The magician replied. Magicia said Sajna was set, Sajna fell and suffered a facial injury. Sandhya asked if he had heard this or if he had fallen for playing prank.


But Sajjana told Sandhya that it was not a prank and that it had really fallen. Later, Sandhya asked again if she remembered playing prank on Bigg Boss. Sandhya said Feroz hit and played prank. Sajjana said it was okay if it was somewhere in the hand and it was on the face.


But Sandhya told Sajjana that it had gotten worse. Sajjana says she was badly injured when she fell, but luckily she could not see anything in her eyes. Later, the magician informed that Sajjana and the magician were moving to a better place.


Magicia said construction of Feroz and Sajna’s house later began. Appo is happy about it, so pray for them, home is everyone’s dream, my house is being built. Magicia says the wiring work is underway.