Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Fame Majizia Bhanu’s Mass Reply To Dimpal Bhal’s Mother | It’s not my habit to dance at parties and clubs; Magsia responds to Dimple Bhal’s mother’s question

Dimple’s sister, who was a close friend of Dimple’s, went to see Dimple’s Monday shortly after his release. Photos of the two together came out. Dimple’s father died suddenly and the player was eliminated from the match. The magistrate alleged that Dimple was not being called at the time and was being ignored by all. Dimple called from the airport but later had no information.

Everyone was in tension at the time of their father’s separation. On Monday, Bhal clarified that despite answering to the magistrate at that time, he was constantly called and harassed and did not pick up the phone. It also went viral on social media. Meanwhile, Dimple’s mother came on the scene and asked who the magician was and if he was a good friend, would he behave like this? Now the magician is answering some of her mother’s questions.

In an interview, Dimple’s mother asked, “If Majsia is Dimple’s best friend, then Majsia went to a party or club and danced on Instagram the day Dad died.” It’s too late, but the answer is obvious, according to a story on Instagram.

‘It was a fitness promotion ad shoot that got full payment. “It’s not my habit to go to parties and clubs and dance,” she said. At the same time, Dimple’s sister arrives with some posts in response to Magsia’s stories.