Bigg Boss Malayalam 3: Sandhya Manoj’s mass dialogue to Sajna Firoz khan on prank call goes viral | Finally, for the evening, Polly Feroz’s great work; Bigg Boss star with Mass reply

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The highlight is the Sajna-Firoz couple. These are the two people who caused a lot of controversy in the third edition of Bigg Boss. After the show started, the two came together as single contestants through a wild card entry. From the beginning, they clashed with other contestants and received warnings and punishments from Bigg Boss and Mohanlal several times.

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Eventually, the two were expelled from the show for breaking the rules of Bigg Boss, rather than by the decision of the audience. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. They have been active on Instagram, interviews and on their own YouTube channel since their release, and are now working on a prank call for Bigg Boss stars.

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Sajna and Feroz have recently teamed up with Sandhya Manoj. Feroz and Sajna have so far prank on the phone with Ranjina Haridas, Aristo Suresh, Sabu Mon, Arya, Ritu Mantra, Manikuttan, Kitilam Feroz, Surya, Pearly Mani, Nobby Marcos and Shias. Sandhya was called to attend the inauguration of a dance hall.

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Feroz said that his name is Rajendra and that there are 81 dance schools inside and outside the country and he wants to be the founder of the second such school in Kerala. Sandhya did not give an exact answer to the question of how much the reward would be. They joked that they should ask the team. But with this, Feroz himself announced that he would arrange Rs 3 lakh and travel facilities.

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Sandhya said she could think of this too. With this, Feroz and Sajna, who could not get more content, changed the subject. Another contestant in Bigg Boss himself, Polly Feroz, said he wanted his number too and was calling him. When asked if there was a problem, Feroz said no and told himself not to say anything was wrong.

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Sandhya said she realized she was stuck and wondered who it was. Sandhya said her first suspicion came when she was told about Rs 3 lakh for an inauguration and travel facilities. The mass dialogue of the evening was that we, who are chasing flies and mosquitoes without any work, should do this work ourselves. The call was cut off after all other house news was told.