Belgium defeated defending champions Portugal

Sevilla: Belgium defeated defending champions in the Euro Cup. Cristiano Ronaldo smashed Portugal into a goal by Hazard. Belgium secured the quarter by beating Portugal by a single goal. Hazard scored in the 42nd minute.

Despite gaining complete control of the game, Parangipada could not score. Belgium’s best defense was against Portugal. Attempts by Portugal 23 times were unsuccessful. Belgium, on the other hand, were lucky and scored the only chance to score the decisive victory.

In the 25th minute, Cristiano’s free kick was cleared by the Belgian goalkeeper Kotova. In the 37th minute, Thomas Munier’s shot flew over the post. In the 59th minute, Cristiano Ronaldo opened the scoring. In the 61st minute, Felix’s header was taken by Kotwa. In the 82nd minute, Ruben’s Heger was also caught in Kotway’s bloody hands. Portugal’s dream was shattered when they created a strong defense in the last minute of the game.