BCCI considering Kohli’s demand: Big surprise in IPL this time

Field umpire soft signal system for decisions referred to the third umpire in international cricket matches
The ICC did not approve of Virat Kohli’s strong demand for suspension, but it was eventually approved by the BCCI. In the decisions of the third umpire in the IPL, which is scheduled to start on the 9th of next month
According to national media reports, the BCCI has decided not to give a soft signal to the field umpires in all matches, citing some senior sources.

In the ongoing India-England series, many of the field umpire’s decisions were found to be incorrect by the third umpire, but the third umpire considered the soft signal and did not question the opinion of the on – field umpire. The BCCI has now accepted these arguments.

The BCCI’s decision comes amid growing criticism of the soft signal system from players. Also, in some LBW decisions, India captain Kohli had recently said that if the ball goes to the wicket, it should be called out and it is not right not to call out in such a situation as the field umpire’s decision was reversed. Kohli said the umpires’ call was one of the most confusing things in cricket and called for a change on the part of the ICC.

The BCCI is giving more responsibilities to the third umpire in this IPL .The third umpire can check the short run in this IPL as well as in the case of soft signal .Overstep no balls have been called by the third umpire since the last IPL.
This time too in the IPL
The BCCI has stated that this will happen again.

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