Bath Trick Survey Launches In Sri Lanka Dam: Nattu Visesham

Bathmetric survey begins in Sri Lanka

Thursday, December 31, 2020 10:10 PM IST

Total River: Underwater Measurement of Depth at Malankara Dam For mapping of water features (Bathmetric Survey ) The previous study started that. Kerala Engineering Ring at Peechi under the Department of Water Resources The study was conducted by the Search Institute (Kerry). Attempts are made to complete the study within six days.
Last day under the leadership of the two-member Engineering Division. Proceedings have been underway since last year. Experts including Executive Engineers And in Sri Lanka. Multi-beam multi-beam echo sounder mounted on a boat Powered by Blogger. Boats and other equipment from Peachy to Sri Lanka Posted in. As part of the study, the team sailed all over the Sri Lankan Dam. Will travel in. For this reason, the maximum capacity of the dam during the day is 42 meters. The water level in the lake will rise.
The dam, which was commissioned in 1994, is still under inspection. S not performed. In previous years, the floodwaters had receded Large amounts of mud and stones were piled up in the dam. Whether it has reduced the storage capacity of the dam. Findings can be found in the Bath Trick Survey. The study also looked at how to remove sediments, including soil and mud. It is beautiful. Muvattupuzha Valley Irrigation Project under the control of the dam The study is being conducted as per the request of the authorities.
Water Leakage After Power Generation From Original Power House Important in the construction of the Kurukshetra for the river and the Sri Lankan dam. Stored by Ma. In addition to this, the rivers flowing through the panchayat in the nearby panchayat It is coming and going to the waters of Sri Lanka.
The total length of the dam is 460 m and the height is 23 m. The storage capacity of the Sri Lanka Dam with eight spillway gates is 37 million cu. It’s big. The Sri Lanka Dam is aimed at irrigation and power generation. The rest.
Water from dams to Kottayam, Idukki and Ernakulam districts For distribution 28.337 km long canal and 37.10 km long canal. The total length of the canal is 323 km, including the length of the canal. I have a network.
There is also a mini power house in Sri Lanka. 10.5 MW of power using three 3.5 MW turbines. Produced in Sri Lanka. KSEBU Hydroelectric Project Launched in October 2005 And FIG.