Bank Of Baroda Offers Auto Loans With 0% Processing Fee And Partial Payment

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Bank Of Baroda Car Loans is focused on providing a hassle-free car buying experience to customers with a number of initiatives.

Bank of Baroda has embarked on a mission to make car buying choices easier for discerning customers through a number of initiatives. As the requirements of owning a personal car for commuting increase for a number of reasons, the new campaign takes on great importance for potential buyers in planning their purchase.

The bank has launched the #EkForeverRishta campaign across the country in multiple languages ​​to raise awareness and make new car purchases hassle-free. With customers first as a top priority, Bank of Baroda has devised a number of innovative ideas and programs and offers top notch deals in the purchase of passenger vehicles.

As part of consumers’ drive to make their dreams come true and put smiles on their faces through #EkForeverRishta, Bank of Baroda is fully committed to one-on-one services with campaigns focused on customer satisfaction and a heartwarming experience. With unwavering commitment, he strives to avail convenient auto loans at a staggering rate of 90 percent of the price on the road.

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In addition, car seekers do not have to pay prepayment fees, which certainly prompts more people to come on board to buy cars as they please in different segments and low cost EMI is another initiative. impressive. With the #EkForeverRishta campaign, Bank of Baroda is offering a starting EMI of Rs. 1514 per lakh (all terms and conditions apply) while the online principle sanction and quick disbursement can also be used at the convenience of customers .

Baroda auto loans are available to employees, businessmen, professionals, companies as well as NRIs and PIOs with attractive interest rates and a range of benefits regardless of the loan amount. Borrowers go through fast processing and minimal documentation under #EkForeverRishta.


Regardless of the segment, loans for new cars up to Rs. 1 crore are availed and thus owning a luxury car of your dreams is not far from reality. For existing home loan borrowers with good credit history, Bank of Baroda grants a 0.25 percent concession on the interest rate of their auto loans. The repayment period or the duration of auto loans can be up to a maximum of 84 months and this further improves the convenience factor.

The #EkForeverRishta campaign enables faster loan processing, low cost EMI amounts, minimal documentation, online policy sanction and quick disbursement to provide customers with a top-notch shopping experience while shopping for their news cars via Baroda Car Loans.

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