Bahrain bans more than 1,500 toys containing toxins

Manama: Authorities say they have ordered the withdrawal of more than 1,500 toys from the Bahraini market, which have been found to contain toxins that are harmful to children’s health. As part of a field survey led by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, inspections of toy shops revealed widespread toys that endanger the health and safety of children.

Sheikh Hamad bin Salman Al Khalifa, the ministry’s assistant undersecretary, said the shocking fact was discovered when the toys seized as part of the inspection were inspected by the GCC Health Council. They have been found to contain chemicals that can cause serious health problems in children. The test also found that plastic toys contain more than the permissible amount of antimony.

Playing with toys that contain such toxins can cause great damage to their eyes and lungs. He said that following the findings of the inspection, so many products were asked to be withdrawn from the market. The inspection will be expanded in the coming days. Shopkeepers are responsible for ensuring that toys meet the standards of the Gulf Technical Regulation Council. He warned that legal action would be taken against those who failed to do so.