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Rio de Janeiro: Copa America 2021 Fu In the football quarterfinals, the same day Varieties in front of the magic bra The champion is King Chile And. 5.30 pm Indian time tomorrow Olympic Stadium in Rio Lanu competition. Peru in another quarter Guy and Konpu Cork. It is 2.30 pm Indian time tonight Rague Po Ratum. The winners of this competition are Semi Knock on the door.

Neymar’s brother – in – law is a Group B champion Entered the Sea Quarter Th. Chile finished fourth in Group A. . Finished second in Group B. This is the last eight places in Peru T. Ch. In Group A in Paraguay, Moo And in the fourth place.

Arja is on Sunday night In the quarter finals. It will be held on Sunday at 6.30 pm Messi in Lion in the competition Direct to Argentina Ecuador Tum. At 3.30 pm on the same day Guevara and Colombia are in the middle Two quarters.