Asteroid 2009 PQ1 approaches Earth in August poses no threat – Scientific – Science & Space

MOSCOW, July 28 / TASS /. The 2009 asteroid PQ1, which will fly over Earth in August 2020, will pose no threat to our planet, Russian Academy of Sciences vice president astrophysicist Yuri Balega told TASS on Tuesday.

“Asteroid 2009 PQ1 will approach Earth in August and by all calculations it will not be dangerous to the planet. Asteroid Apophis will approach Earth in April 2029 at such a close distance that could see it with the naked eye. The asteroid will not pose a threat either, ”he said, adding however that if it enters the Earth’s gravity trap in 2029, it will have a better chance of hit our planet in 2036.

“Its chances of colliding with Earth will depend on its flight past Earth in 2029, on entering our planet’s gravitational trap. But even then, its chances of hitting Earth are almost nil – about one. over 100,000, “said one scientist, adding that a collision with such an asteroid would leave a crater three to five kilometers in diameter, and a dust plume from the collision would hide sunlight for a long time.

At this stage, humanity has no tools to avoid a collision with a celestial object, Balega said, adding that scientists are considering how to do it. “There are a lot of different ideas for changing the trajectory of an asteroid, from a sail of solar photons to a point explosion,” he noted.