Assoc. Transfer to Protocol Officer

Thiruvananthapuram: In connection with the Thiruvananthapuram gold smuggling case which has created a lot of controversy in the state, the top officials including the accused officer have been transferred. The change is for officials from under secretaries to additional secretaries. Assistant Protocol Officer AP Rajeev has been transferred to the post of Deputy Director, Department of Health. Earlier, Rajeev was an official who received an iPhone as a gift during an event at the UAE Consulate. Following the controversy, AP Rajeevan handed over the gift phone to the Public Administration Department. It was later handed over to the vigilance team investigating the Life Mission case.
Santosh Kumar, the convener of the committee appointed to study the governance reforms in the secretariat, was also removed. He was appointed General Manager of Annertil from the Department of Administrative Reform. The pro-CPM organizations themselves had come out against the preparation of the report by the officials led by Santosh Kumar on the governance reforms. Officials were appointed to submit the report on the instructions of the Chief Minister. The report was approved with changes following protests by organizations. Meanwhile, the former general secretary of the pro-Congress organization was also removed as political revenge. K Binod has been appointed as the Senior Administrative Officer of Kozhikode Medical College.