Asianet Padatha Painkili New Promo Hints Big Twist, Netizens Trolled For Poor Script, പുതിയ ട്വിസ്റ്റുമായി പാടാത്ത പൈങ്കിളി; If there is no story, stop and go, the audience with a request

The actor left the serial due to health issues. Suraj himself told the fans about this. But the audience was not ready to accept this. Even though the actor has been replaced by the new Deva. Still, the demand for Sooraj’s return is growing. Newcomer Lakjit Saini is the new Deva. Criticisms against Lucky are rising on social media. With Suraj’s departure, there has been a huge gap in the ratings.

The serial received rave reviews. The audience’s criticism is that it’s going forward without a particular story. The new promo video of the series is now going viral on social media. Can Kanmani, who loves God so much, understand what he is saying? The promo video has been released with the exciting caption. The video received more negative comments than positive comments.

Even though it is a serial, fans are asking if it is not over. The story is not known to the writers, the viewers do not know … A serial without a story, Deva is so sure that the eye can not contain it anyway, now it’s just a little konchal only pinky, there is no shortage of comedy. Put another good serial. The video received comments such as an eyebrow and a smirk on her face.

Fans are also talking about Sooraj. We need Sooraj Sun, Aaradhika says that if this is Soorajettan, what a chemical, miss it. Every promo is announcing the lack of Sooraj, the existing rating will go up and the fans are saying bring Surajet. Fans are also requesting to bring back actor Suraj Sun.