Asianet Kudumbavilakku New Promo Hints Rift Between Vedika And Siddharth Over Money, The New Problem Between Sidhu And The Stage



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Family Lantern is a favorite series of miniscreen audiences. The series, which started on January 20, 2020, has been well received by the audience. Actress Meera Vasudev plays the lead role in Kudumbavilakku. The actress plays a poor housewife named Sumitra. Along with Sumitra, the audience’s favorite stars are also lined up in the serial. The series continues through the life of Sumitra. Sumitra in Family Call is a strong female character. The family lamp is different from the usual series of tears.

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Saranya Anand’s Vedika is another great character in Kudumbavilakku. Despite being a negative character, the actress is doing well on stage. Saranya plays a strong negative role. Like Sumitra, Vedic has many fans. The series continues through the lives of Vedika and Sumitra.

Now the discussion on social media is the new episode of Family Lantern. One problem after another in the life of Siddharth and Vedika. Even when the problems between them are getting worse, the stage is set to break up Sumitra. Siddharth’s mother is also on the stage looking for a way to destroy Sumitra without realizing that her son’s life is on the verge of ruin. But it remains to be seen whether Sumitra will be able to hold her own in the face of their tactics

Family Lantern is the number one brand in the world. Filming of the series has begun with restrictions after the lockdown. Serial filming has started with very few actors. It is rumored that all the serials will start from next week. The series’ time was shortened when serial filming was stopped.

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Asianet Kudumbavilakku New Promo Hints Rift Between Vedika And Siddharth Over Money

Story first published: Friday, July 2, 2021, 21:00 [IST]