As a Hindu I think the Kumbh Mela should not have taken place

Bombay: Renowned singer Sonu Nigam reacted to the Kumbh Mela on Sunday which has become symbolic this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The singer believes the religious gathering should not have taken place amid the pandemic.

With reports of a large number of positive Covid cases in the Kumbh Mela area of ​​Haridwar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on Saturday to observe the “symbolic” event to step up the fight against the deadly virus. Sonu Nigam posted a video on Instagram on Sunday reacting to the same.

In his Instagram video, Sonu Nigam said in Hindi: “I can’t say anything else, I was born a Hindu and as a Hindu I think the Kumbh Mela shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Thank goodness common sense prevailed over everyone and it was made symbolic. I understand it is a matter of faith, but given the current situation in the world, nothing can be more important than people’s lives.

The singer in his video also said that live performances should not be held amid the second wave of the pandemic which has severely affected India. He said: “As a singer, I think live shows shouldn’t be directing right now. Shows can be done by maintaining social distancing and taking precautions, but not now, later. We have to be very careful, the situation is very bad.

Later in his video, the singer informed that he would return Monday from Goa to Mumbai and isolate himself as a precaution. He said, “I will come back to Mumbai from Goa tomorrow and isolate myself in my room for a few days because I have to meet my father. Once I feel it’s fair, I’m going to go meet my dad.