Argument that tickets will not be taken as alcohol is taxed; Conductor injured in collision | puthanathani news | ksrtc bus | ksrtc attack

Malappuram: A drunkard was dropped off by KSRTC after he refused to take a ticket. Stones were hurled at the bus. The conductor of the bus was injured in the attack. KSRTC operates services on Kozhikode-Pala route. Santosh, the conductor of the super fast bus, was injured in the collision. The incident took place on the Malappuram Puthanathani National Highway.

The passenger boarded the bus from Puthanathani under the influence of alcohol. The conductor asked him to take the ticket but he refused.

He claimed that he had paid a large amount of tax to the government when he was drunk and therefore would not buy a ticket. He then stopped the bus a few meters away and was dropped off by the conductor and other passengers. He then threw stones at the back of the bus.

The rear window of the bus was shattered in the collision. The conductor behind him was hit in the face by a stone pierced by a glass. There are more than ten stitches in his mouth. Other passengers on the bus searched for the attacker after the attack, but he fled the road. Police have launched an investigation into the incident.

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