Argentina to open semi-final | Argentina to open semifinals

Gionia / Brasilia: The power to change the cold game in the group stage It’s time for Nina. How many of today’s players in the quarterfinals are Ecuador? They beat Brazil in the final. Group A Champions with three wins in a row and 10 points in a tie. Namma Rai is from Argentina. Three out of three draws without winning a single game in Ecuador He finished fourth in Group B.

Messi is a superstar in form with three goals and two assists. That is the strength of Argentina. Photo by newcomers Christian Romero and Papu Gomez Mum is expected to coach Scoloni at Cochrane.

Uruguay will face Colombia in the other quarter. Argentina wins Group A with two wins and a draw Uruguay (7) finished second in the quarterfinals. The Oscars have won decisive competitions even in the required format. Welcome to the team of Tabarez. Colombia go to Group B with four wins and one draw He finished third in the quarterfinals.