Apple launches all-in-one webpage with privacy labels for its own apps

Apple today updated its privacy website with a new “Labels” section that consolidates the privacy labels of all Apple apps in one place, making it easier for users to find out how Apple apps handle it. their personal data.

apple privacy labels website

Apple has already provided privacy labels for its apps since the feature’s launch last year, but on individual support pages, so this new “Labels” section makes it easier to view the labels in one place and in alphabetical order. . Privacy labels are available for Apple apps on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS, so some apps like GarageBand appear more than once. Apple has also included labels for developer tools like Xcode and even the App Store itself, providing a very comprehensive level of privacy information.

Apple points out that users won’t find any data under “Data used to track you” for its apps because Apple doesn’t track users. Apple says it maintains itself at a higher level than all other developers, who will be allowed to track users if they get their permission through the Application Tracking Transparency Framework that will be enforced from iOS 14.5.

Apple introduced privacy labels to the App Store in December, giving users a broad overview of the types of data an app can collect and whether the information is used to track it or is tied to their identity or device. . These labels appear in the App Store listings for third-party apps and downloadable Apple apps like Apple Podcasts, while built-in apps that can’t be deleted like Messages have labels on the Apple website.

Apple has asked developers to fill out privacy labels when submitting new apps and app updates to the App Store since early December, but the labels work on an honor system. Apple previously said it was “performing routine and ongoing audits of the information provided” and working with developers to correct any inaccuracies, adding that apps that do not comply may ultimately be removed from the App Store.