App to ensure the 12 healthcare workers and frontline workers in Andhra Pradesh are vaccinated promptly

As the number of COVID-19 cases skyrocket in Andhra Pradesh, the administration has decided to ensure that all of its frontline health workers and 12 lakh health workers have received at least the first dose of the vaccine, if not both doses. The state government believes this is the first step in dealing with a rampant number of cases.

Andhra Pradesh has developed and launched an app for “online monitoring and entry of all individual immunization data / information from all over the state”. All doctors in the state would use this app to enter details such as when and where the individual was vaccinated and what dose of vaccine, Covishield or Covaxin, he or she received.

The app, a crucial cog in the state’s “ health workers and health workers campaign ”, will help Andhra Pradesh, which has so far vaccinated around 50% of its 4.9 lakh of health care and 7.37 lakh of frontline workers, to cover the remaining 50%. The APP will be operational in the hands of all doctors in the state, starting April 19, the day Andhra Pradesh begins and hopes to complete its ‘campaign’ to vaccinate all of its frontline health workers. and its health workers.

Explaining how the app works, Dr Arja Srikanth, Andhra Pradesh’s COVID-19 manager, said each doctor would be given a username and password. Once the doctor is logged in, they will be able to access the full list of frontline workers and unvaccinated health workers. Contact details for frontline workers and health workers can also be verified using the designated registration ID, cell phone number or individual’s name. “

Srikanth added that an SMS alert would be sent to the mobile of every frontline worker and health worker, informing them when they need to be vaccinated. The YS government Jagan Mohan Reddy, through the State Department of Health and Family Welfare, has ordered all frontline workers and health care workers to comply and adhere to the time slots alerted by SMS and to be vaccinated before April 19.

The FLW and HCW Drive campaign comes two days after the Center sent an additional 6 lakh of vaccines to the state. The shipment included at least five doses of Covishield lakh and one lakh of Covaxin. The chief minister had written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking for 60 lakh of additional doses for the state. Jagan Mohan Reddy’s claim is that Andhra Pradesh, which until April 17 had administered 46,06,806 doses of vaccine, needs an additional 60 lakh of vaccine to ensure that all of its citizens over the age of 45 year-olds receive the first dose of the vaccine within the next three weeks.