Anxiety about Rajinikanth’s health; Pongala Social Media: Kollywood News

Rajinikanth’s health condition on social media The comments shared by Lute are from Rajinikanth’s official spokesperson. Dhi Chu. A few days ago, Janikant went to the United States. Traveling in private jets with bombs. Its images are in the context of being published on social media. Kasturi has sent a number of suspicions on social media.

For Indian travelers to the US in the context of the code Under the circumstances, how did Ginny go to the South? Registration is subject to government approval for treatment. Many point out that he went to Rica and was treated in India. Kasturi asked, “What?

This was followed by a rumor about Rajini’s health condition. And became stronger. Then Rajini’s family members talk to her about her health. “It simply came to our notice then. He also told Million that he was worried about his health. Kasturi also wrote on Facebook that she was waiting for K to come.

The incident sparked a heated debate, according to Regina’s spokeswoman Riyas K. The official statement from Ahmed Tara came on the scene. One of the reasons why Rajini or his family and gang members did not call them. He also clarified that the details of the case have not been provided.

Shortly afterwards, he was summoned by music director Guy Amarna. “It simply came to our notice then. A number of people then questioned and ridiculed Kasturi on social media. The scene in Yay Lu. It is a fact that Gum Guy Amaran is also known as Ginny’s family member. Criticisms abounded for not saying magic things.