An independent team of doctors to investigate PSL security measures


Infectious disease specialists will try to understand why a wave of Covid-19 cases has erupted in the PSL

The investigation into the doomed treatment of the postponed Pakistani Super League biosafety proceedings will be led by infectious disease experts Dr Syed Faisal Mahmood and Dr Salma Mohammad Abbas. The two-person investigative committee will investigate the protocols that had been put in place for the league, examine what went wrong and submit its findings to CPC Chairman Ehsan Mani by the end of the month.

On the day PCB CEO Wasim Khan announced that the league had been postponed indefinitely, he promised an independent investigation into what was wrong when an outbreak in the bubble began to spread, with more cases emerging. presenting in each series of tests. There have been well-documented cases of non-adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs), and experts are expected to assess whether these SOPs were fit for purpose in the first place.